You are going to design the cover and material/entrails for the book «sad as hell» by Ari Behn.

The book cover should be based on an idea, feeling and/or a mood from the
book´s content.

School project
Book design
Spring 2019

In the process, I found that I wanted to draw my own illustration to the book cover. After reading the book, I made up three values which suited the story «Uncertainty, manhood and identity ”and I wanted this to be reflected through the illustration

Here you can se this insecure man staring into the mirror, looking at himself and sees this other dominant version of himself.

I chose to use straight lines and harmonic placements of the elements. I wanted the expression to be simple, since this is a short collection of short stories. So I felt it natural that the cover had a reflection of this.

The yellow color may not be the sadest color, but it can have the meaning of betrayal, optimism and jealousy. Words that fit well into the short story.