You are going to create a concept and develop a prototype that is perceived as useful, user-friendly, covers a need or solves a real problem.

School project
App design
Autumn 2020

This app will find someone who is going the same way as you, who you can either pick up on your way or who you can ride with.

This means that you can build up a good network for commuting and which means that you do not become dependent on the bus for long. The best thing is that you save time and money, as well as reduce environmental emissions and car traffic.

I chose to use large, clear icons and illustrations for the app. The colors goes in blue and peach tones. I think the colors are fresh and that they compliment each other in a very harmonic way.

The blue colors are associated with seriousness and several apps today uses blue as their main color. The yellow and peach color helps to freshen it all up. So that the app gets a playful expression and it should be eye-catching when the app is in use.

The font I have chosen for the app is called FranklinGothic and is an easy-red font for screen. It comes in many different weights for different type of use and readability.
I chose to only go for medium and book to create a readable hierarchy.