In the role of an Art director and Graphic designer, you will develop strategy and design concept for a new magazine.

Welcome to Gorilla magazine. The magazine that deals with men and their hair culture. I wanted to make a visual and catching magazine for men who finds hair and good reading interesting.

School project
Magazine design
Spring 2021

Time changes and so do trends. Today men have become more
and more concerned with their hair and how the hair is a
part of their personal identity.

Is a hairy chest the same as being macho?

And a glittery beard is the same
as metrosexuality?

My main task with the magazine was to make it look visually attractive. I wanted each
and every page to give the reader something visually to look at. Therefore I have
worked carefully with grid, composition, typography, colors and white space. To make
all of these work together I have been testing, testing and testing.

The result ended with 64. pages of great material around hair and all kinds of men with
their own hairy identity who says “this is me, this is how I fell great by my hair and I am proud of it”.

I really fell that I answered the brief and that I solved my issue around my target audience. I am proud of how the result ended and I fell that this magazine could sell great in the right stores and look fantastic among your decor at home.