Design a series of 3 products inspired of a pattern you are familiar with. Use this as a inspiration to make good packaging.

School project
Packaging design
Autumn 2019

I wanted to use Norwegian traditional pattern for my packaging design. I did some research and found my inspiration true the Norwegian national costume (bunaden), the famous rose pattern and some traditional Norwegian tableware pattern (Stavanger Flint).

“So how can I design this packaging by using these traditional patterns, to make a new and modern packaging for a new target audience and still hold on to some of the traditionally of it?”.

I wanted to make an illustration of this old, but more modern baker wife. I wanted here to express a new modern age and to meet the more younger target audience.

I researched different serif fonts to find one that I felt gave an expression of modern, but also a hint of tradition. The font together with the illustration makes a good logo.

The task was to make a series of 3 packages. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to tell something about our proud young Norwegian talents. To solve the issue I took inspiration in two of our gold young talents. One of them is our best female skier Therese Johaug and or Chess ess Magnus Carlsen. Their names in the combination with the more traditional pattern I think will reach out to a more younger audience.