How to create a dynamic identity that will represent The musicality and this year’s festival theme – FEAR for those in between 18-28 years in and outside the environment?

Identity project made for Musikal-i-teten in the autumn of 2020. This was in collaboration with Katrine, Jessica and Aleksandar.

Fear comes in many shapes. Inner fear, everyday fear, horror, .. What happens when the fear occurs?

We want to visualize an encounter with fear through reactions and emotions through the use of hands.

Along with this a logo created with the thought of representing the whole aspect of Musicality.

The hands in combination of portraits visualize the feeling of fear. This leaves room for a separate interpretation of what it is that is frightening.

We worked a lot with idea sketches around concept, logo, colors and the combination of all the elements to find the best result for the task.

The logo symbol is inspired by scenery. With its three teams, it represents the entirety of Musikal-i-teten. Not only what happens on stage, but also in front and back stage.