Youngfish is a network organization and a central meeting place for young people in the seafood industry across professions, companies and geography. Just like afish steam that consists of a diversity of different individuals.

Identity project made for YoungFish in the autumn of 2020. This was in colabiration with Anneli, Camilla and Gustav.

The fish steam uses the fin to adapt speed and direction to each other, and are a driving force and means of communication. In other words, the fin is the core of communication between the individuals in the fish steam and binds the network together so they can get up and forward!

Therefore we chose to work with the fin that symbolizes fish, networks and progress to create the identity of YoungFish -«a steam of opportunities»

As a group I think we came to a perfect identity for YoungFish.

We have created an indentity that is innovative, modern and suitable for many different platforms, which is very important in today´s digital world!

Take a look at our promote video 🙂

As a group we are so pleased with the collaboration and the resault we have acheaved.
We believe that the identity we have made will hit perfectly our target audience in a very positive way. We have designed a logo and a axpression that is both playful, modern and can be used in many different ways.